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A Seal upon the heart

A Seal Upon the Heart by Tim and Kathy Keller hopes to inspire couples in their walk with Jesus and to discover the meaning of marriage in God's eyes.

Chasing the Dragon

Chasing the Dragon by Jackie Pullinger is the incredible biography of Jackie being called to work with the drug addicts in the brutal Walled City in China. It is a story full of miracles and prophecy which inspires and builds faith.

Chequebook of the Bank of Faith - Tan/Bu

A daily devotional written by C.H. Spurgeon From the preface by C. H. Spurgeon: 'I commenced these daily portions when I was wading in the surf of controversy. I know the roll of the billows, and the rush of the winds. Never were the promises of

Global Humility

The aspect that needs training, more than any other, in cross-cultural workers, is humility. Pride and mission are polar opposites. Pride pollutes mission but the mission of Christ is humble mission. How dare we turn up with all the answers when we d

God's Smuggler

God's Smuggler: Brother Andrew is a classic biography every Christian should read. It tracks his journey from Holland during the war to becoming a missionary in China. This publication has new updated material.

Grace Filled Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful expression of love. Yet it can also sometimes cause us pain. We need God's help and grace to navigate this most precious of relationships well. Interwoven with biblical teaching and practical application,

Life Promises for couples HB

Everybody wants a strong, loving, God-centered marriage. In Life Promises for Couples, New York Times bestselling relationship expert Dr. Gary Chapman provides trusted words of wisdom designed to encourage and inspire couples, alongside key Bible...

Love Your Church

God calls us to be "devoted to one another in love" (Romans 12:10). What does this look like for us today? How can we be the kind of church member who makes a real difference? This engaging book by Tony Merida explores what church is, ...

Meaning of marriage

In previous books respected New York pastor and bestselling author Timothy Keller has looked at such diverse and topical subjects as the existence of God, our need to do justice, the meaning of Jesus' life, and the human temptation to make idols.....

My Utmost for His highest

The beloved devotional My Utmost for His Highest has challenged, encouraged, and moved people to think more deeply about their relationship with the Lord. The golden book of Oswald Chambers has sold more than 13 million copies, and has helped to igni

On Earth as in Heaven

Tom Wright's popular writings on the Bible have encouraged and inspired Christians of all denominations around the world. Now, in this attractive book of daily devotions, you can journey with Tom through the year as he reflects on key themes and ....

On Marriage

There are few events as significant and life-altering as birth, marriage, and death. These are the moments in which we experience our greatest happiness and our deepest grief. And so it is profoundly important to understand these events and their rel

Powerful Leaders?

As understanding and awareness of abuse has grown, many revelations of church leaders abusing their power have come to light. How did the church get here? Is there a way we can address both individual and institutional failings to counter the misuse

Reappearing Church

Reappearing Church by Mark Sayers explores why we should be hopeful for the future. Mark Sayers - from the podcast Rebuilders - shows how we can get ready for a time of renewal in the Church.

Run Baby Run

Run Baby Run by Nicky Cruz is the true story of a man immersed in a life of drugs and violence, his incredible conversion to Christ, and his transformation through following God. This is a classic must read for every Christian.

Surprised By Joy

Surprised by Joy, C.S. Lewis remembers his early years with amusement and pain. However, without doubt, the principal theme of the book is the real 'Joy' that flows from God.