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101 Great Big Questions about God and Sc

An exciting question and answer-based book for independent readers, exploring key questions asked by children about science-faith interactions. The 'handbook' style is intended to encourage readers to dip in and out of the different chapters rather t

10-Minute Bible Stories

Perfect for ten-minute reading times for independent readers and shared reading, these ten Bible stories are retold from the perspective of characters witnessing the events of a Bible story. These engaging narratives include a servant girl’s viewpoin

5 Minute Bible Stories

Forty-nine five minute Bible stories, from Creation to Pentecost ideal for story times, bedtimes or assemblies.

50 Weirdest Bible Stories

Floating hands writing on walls, a voice coming from a fire-resistant bush, people being brought back to life – loads of really weird things happened in Bible times! In this book you'll find 50 of the weirdest! Although the Bible is full of really ex

66 Books: One Story

If you’ve read the Bible, you probably know some of the important battles, a good chunk of the life of Jesus, maybe a Psalm or two – but what do you know about the minor prophets and the epistles? Do you have some loose ends that need tying up? This

All About Bible Animals

Kids 7 years+ will love this fun and fascinating book bursting with colourful photography and facts about Bible animals. It also explores the Bible stories they connect to, starting with creation and ending with Peter’s vision in Acts 10. Inside the

Amy Carmichael

At a time when being a single female missionary was extremely costly, Amy Carmichael spent her life sharing Christ’s love with hundreds of women and children in Asia. Along the way, she adapted to fit into cultures very different from her own, learne

Animal Tales

A fabulous collection of stories for children aged 5 and over about animals that encountered Jesus during his lifetime and how they were there when key incidents in his life took place. Imagine you could have been there when Jesus was alive on earth.

Antigone Kingsley: About Last Summer

Living above her parents theatre has always given Antigone Kingsley (Tig) plenty of practice at being centre stage. But when the theatre faces financial crisis and the stage doors close, it is her alluring cousin Amelie, flown in from Paris, who grab

Anyone But Bear

Fox doesn’t like Bear and he thinks Bear doesn’t like him either. But when Fox needs help most, which of the animals in the forest proves to be his best friend? This is the story of the Good Samaritan retold for all young foxes and bears to enjoy!

Beginner's Bible Amazing Miracles of the

Bring Bible stories to life for young readers with The Beginner’s Bible Amazing Miracles of the Bible Sticker and Activity Book. This hands-on, interactive children’s book features over 50 stickers and fun-filled games and activities. Young reader

Beyond the Setting Sun

A picture story book about bereavement to support young children, specifically those who have lost a parent. The waterholes of the African Savannah have dried up and there has not been enough to drink for some of the animals.