Here is a fascinating insight into the influence of the gospel on the lives of people who lived through the World Wars of the last century and the events that led up to it. Read about the Japanese pilot who led the attack on Pearl Harbor the German pastor who was prepared to suffer imprisonment and death for the sake of his faith the British general given the task of defending Malta against invasion by Hitler and Mussolini the American airman who was converted while a prisoner of the Japanese and who later returned to Japan as a missionary the Jewish girl who came to know Christ as her Saviour while in hiding from the Nazis the American chaplain who witnessed to leading Nazi war criminals on trial at Nuremberg, and the British secret agent who was the inspiration for Q in the James Bond 007 stories. What did these people, and the others whose lives are told in this book, have in common? During the turbulent events of those momentous years, God was at work in their lives. He brought these thirteen people to trust, know, love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and therefore to give themselves to the service of others.

War and Grace