Health, Healing and Death

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30 days to taming worry and anxiety

Do You Long for Peace of Mind? You can't avoid anxiety-provoking circumstances-they are a natural consequence of life on Planet Earth. But there are effective ways to deal with the stress they cause! Deborah Smith Pegues has been where you are

50 Days of Hope

You've just heard a diagnosis that shakes your world: It's cancer. And what you long for most is the hope that everything will be okay. You are not alone. As a longtime cancer survivor, Lynn Eib knows firsthand how that feels. And as a patient advoca

Alice's Dad

Alice looks back over her father's illness: the good times when he was well enough to play computer with her and take her swimming; the bad times when the house seemed to smell of hospitals and she was afraid of the upstairs. This moving and realisti

Art of care giving, The

Written to encourage the caregiver, The Art of Caregiving will be a candle of joyful hope to the one whose life has taken on unique new challenges when a loved one faces cancer. Cancer treatment is often a nighttime journey through a wilderness, duri

Assisted suicide

In this short book, Vaughan Roberts briefs Christians on the complex questions surrounding assisted suicide. He surveys the Christian worldview and helps us to apply its principles as we navigate life and death in a society with contrasting values.


Is a full and abundant life possible if your childhood has been shattered by abuse? One in five of us experiences severe abuse in some form as a child,* often leading to devastating emotional and mental health problems in adulthood. Giles D Lascell

Coping with suicide pb

There are over 6,000 suicides in the UK every year, in addition to 160,000 people who attempt suicide. Each suicide leaves an estimated five to eight people closely affected by the death, and nearly 50 percent of the population know someone who has s

Could it be dementia?

Dementia is in the headlines on a daily basis, and plenty of information is readily available, but none of it deals with the spiritual implications, a gap this book ably fills. This tender book explains what dementia is and offers practical advice to

Dementia from the inside

Jennifer Bute, author of Dementia from the Inside, was a highly qualified senior doctor in a large clinical practice, whose patients included those with dementia. Then she began to notice symptoms in herself. She was finally given a diagnosis of Youn

Euthenasia licence to kill

Paralysed from the neck down, Bill has been in a coma ever since the accident... Aunt Maud has advancing dementia. Her 'Living Will' asks the doctors to arrange euthanasia... How do we decide what to do in situations like these? What does the Bible s

Exploring emotional health

In her debut book, Exploring Emotional Health, author Liz Edge provides key information and six ready-to-go workshops covering: self-esteem; anxiety; depression; self-harm; and identifying and coping with emotions, to enable even the busiest of youth

First steps dementia

What is dementia? Is it the same as Alzheimer's? What symptoms should you look out for? Where can you go to find help? What treatments are available? In this short but comprehensive introduction, Dr Simon Atkins clears away the myths, and sets out th

First steps out of eating disorders

'First Steps' is a new series of short, affordable self-help on a range of key topics. In First Steps out of Eating Disorders, Kate Middleton and Jane Smith draw on their extensive experiences as psychologists working with eating disorders. They expl

First steps to living with digestive P

Digestive problems can come in many guises, from difficulties in swallowing, through the stomach, to constipation, wind, IBS and beyond. In this handy introductory guide, GP and author Simon Atkins explains the issues in layman's language. He covers

Grieving a suicide

Suicide claims a million lives a year. Each one leaves behind survivors - shattered, grieving, angry, guilty and often despairing. Al Hsu is one such survivor. On an ordinary Thursday morning, he answered the phone and discovered that his father h

Healing Prayer after Trauma

Healing Prayer After Trauma explores the possible profound physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impact that a traumatic event, be it recent or historical, can have on a person. Providing the reader with encapsulating snippets of the experiences

Insight into anxiety

Many of us struggle with anxiety, which takes various forms, including phobias, panic attacks and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Relief can be found, however, through learning to manage symptoms and, ultimately, through placing our reliance on

Insight into Dementia

Hope and practical help for people with dementia, their families, friends and carers. Rosemary Huntley explains what it's like to have dementia, examining its impact, outlining options and strategies for care - and much more. Suggested activities

Insight into Stress

What is stress, and how is it different from intense pressure? How can you recognise it and what can you do about it? Whether the stress is falling upon you or someone close to you, this book draws on case studies and Scripture to provide practical h

Leaning on Jesus - Facing illness with

In times of illness and hardship, share encouragement with our Facing Illness with Hope gift book. Filled with encouraging words, Scriptures, and prayers, to uplift and affirm someone you love.