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A Little Book of Bible Promises

The Bible is full of encouraging, reassuring promises that strengthen our faith and remind us how God’s love for us is unconditional, unfailing, and unchanging. This brand new TLM gift book combines well-loved Bible promise verses......

A Little Book of Hope

For Christians, hope is more than just optimism, it is a personal choice, the choice to pause, wait and rely on God. This inspiring collection of hope-filled thoughts, quotes, photos and Bible verses reassures readers that there is no situation......

A Little Book of Peace

A splendid compilation of thoughts, quotes, photos and Bible verses to encourage and reassure anyone who is feeling weary or worried, harassed or hassled. A gentle reminder that we can turn our worries into prayers, and ask God for his comfort, peace

Birthday blessings

A splendid collection of birthday blessings, Bible verses and short prayers, all illustrated with stunning photos of God’s amazing creation. A perfect present for a special friend or relative.

Blessings for your baby

The ideal book for customers requiring a gift for a dedication or christening or simply to welcome a new born baby. This carefully chosen collection of photos, prayers and Bible verses reminds the reader just how much God loves and ......

Blessings from the Psalms

This beautiful compilation of Bible verses and photos brings together well-loved verses from the Book of Psalms together with inspiring photos of God’s creation. This delightful gift book offers encouragement, reassurance and a reminder of how God...

Bloopers and blessings

There’s no doubt about it … church can be a funny old place! This book of church humour includes a whole variety of bulletin bloopers, quirky quotes, amusing anecdotes, mishaps and misunderstandings. Inside, you’ll find daft typos and slips......

Blunders and blessings

A hilarious collection of crazy messages from church sign boards, typos from notice sheets and unintentional slip-ups from congregation and clergy. Also includes plenty of unwittingly funny comments from children, plus some wise and witty quips and..

Bouquet of blessings,A

Heart-warming blessings, inspirational Bible verses and fantastic photos. Our brand new Bouquet of Blessings is the ideal book for all those wonderful friends who deserve a special bunch of flowers. Whether you want to say Thank you, Hello or ......

Bouquet of Sweet Inspiration to Grow You

Ripe for the picking and blooming with style, this botanical-themed gift book is rich with encouragement, inspiration, and biblical truth. Refresh your spirit and restore your hope with these beautifully illustrated verses from Scripture.

Bouquet of Timeless Wisdom

Ripe for the picking and blooming with style, this botanical-themed gift book is rich with encouragement, inspiration, and biblical truth. Meditate on this selection from Proverbs and allow God’s wisdom to guide and affirm your life.

Celtic Blessings

This uplifting compilation of Celtic blessings, Bible verses and inspiring photos of God’s creation reminds us that God is close to us throughout the day, wherever we are and whatever we are doing. ‘Christ be with me, Christ within me, Christ.....


As they examine the stories of incredible women of the Bible, readers will find hope, encouragement, and a strong sense of community in this beautiful, eclectic collection of writing, photos, and lyrics that reflect God’s faithfulness. Bringing toget

Finding God in Hidden Places

Encounter God Where You Least Expect Him Bestselling author, artist and international advocate for people with disabilities, Joni Eareckson Tada invites readers to join her on a deeply personal journey as she explores the presence of a holy God.....

Finding Gods blessings in brokenness

Is it possible to be broken and blessed at the same time? Life brings so many hardships, from failed marriages to lost jobs, from health crises to broken relationships. How can we stay strong in our faith in spite of these obstacles?

Finding Hope HB

How do you cope, let alone rebuild your life after a series of trials, stressful difficulties, and traumatic experiences? Is there life after tragedy, and how do you move forward into a meaningful life filled with purpose and identity? Noted author,

Fragrance of faith

In this full colour illustrated book of devotional readings, the third in the Bouquet of Blessings trilogy, Doreen Harrison once again draws on her many years of rich and varied experience to present a fresh selection of inspiring stories which.....

Genesis - The Bibluffer's guide

Let there be light (entertainment)! Find out why God called it a day. Try Eve’s apple crumble recipe. Wave an Allen key at Noah’s ARKEA instruction manual. Study the scripts of CSI: Eden, The Jeremiah Kyle Show and Pharaoh’s Apprentice. Bibluff your

God's Amazing Love For You

You are ADOPTED into God’s family, you are richly BLESSED, you are CHOSEN by God, you are DEARLY loved. This uplifting A to Z gift book lists all the many ways God loves and values his children, reminding readers just how important they are to their

Has anyone seen my glasses

Does the phone ring and you answer the TV remote control? Do you gaze into the fridge completely unable to remember what you opened it for? Do you call out a search party to find your glasses before your favourite TV programme starts?