Christmas 2020

With the prevalence of COVID-19, celebrating Christmas might be different this year, but the message of God's incredible Gift to us in the incarnation of his Son, our Saviour Jesus, remains uniquely and wonderfully relevant.


Especially this year, a carefully chosen Christmas card could perhaps be a huge encouragement to those who are facing isolation and a distancing from their family and friends.

  • Boxed sets from £3.99 for 30 cards

  • Individual cards for family and special people

  • Most have Bible text but some are plain

  • Many supporting Christian charities like The Leprosy Mission, Compassion, Samaritan's Purse


As well as some Christmas-themed items, we hold a wide selection of gifts which could make meaningful presents to those we love. Go to our Gifts section on this website.


If you like to express your celebration of Christmas with some decorations, we have a selection in store.

Wrapping Paper, Tags and Ties

Attractively wrapped gifts show thoughtfulness and we can help you with a range of parcelling accessories.

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