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1 Samuel

Davis brings cultural and historical colour to the task of interpretation and adds a pastor’s heart for personal application. You will find a point of contact with the lives of Samuel, Saul, Jonathan and David as Davis answers the question ‘What does

2 Kings The Power and the Fury

2 Kings provides a fast–paced narrative of insight into the history of Israel under its monarchy. This book is a continuation of the narrative begun in 1 Samuel, and continued through 2 Samuel and 1 Kings. Ralph finishes it off with a captivating and

Acts Part 2 - 13-28 for everyone

Writing in an accessible and anecdotal style, Tom Wright helps us to approach the rich and many-sided story of the book of Acts. Wright shows how the book builds on Luke's gospel, laying out the continuing work and teaching of the now risen and......

Bible in 10

For anyone who wants to crack open the Bible, poet, broadcaster and teacher Dave Kitchen provides a lively introduction to every single book in ten minutes or less. Bible in Ten is for everyone who wants to be connected with all that is unexpected

Bible in one Year Commentary by Nicky

Nicky Gumbel, pioneer of Alpha - a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith - and vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton in Kensington, London, aids readers following the Bible in one year programme to understand the Scriptures better. Drawing out...

Bible travel guide for students

High school and college students who want a quick reference guide to the Bible need look no further. This book will help students understand each book of the Bible, the origins of each book, and how they can apply its main message to their lives.

Cover to Cover - Revelation 1-3

Christ's call to the Church In His letters to the seven churches of Asia, Christ reveals His will for His people at all times and in all places. The book of Revelation is from Jesus and about Jesus. John Houghton shows us how, amidst the dramatic

Cover to Cover - Revelation 4 - 22

Subtitled 'The Lamb wins - Christ's final victory', this study takes us beyond the sometimes-confusing symbolism of Revelation to the apocalyptic truth beyond. As the text tells us, the grand theme of this final book of the Bible is nothing less than


Deuteronomy has been aptly described as a book 'on the boundary': it addresses the possibilities of new life 'beyond the Jordan' as dependent upon Israel's keeping of the law and acknowledgment of Yahweh's supremacy. Moses leaves the people with his

ESV Search the Scriptures Bible

Do you want to study your Bible for yourself, not just receive pre-packaged answers? God has given us his Word as a vital means of encountering him, and the ESV Search the Scriptures Bible gives you the questions to go deeper in knowing him. The Sear

Expository Outlines and Observations on

The book of Romans is rich in doctrinal truth. In Expository Outlines and Observations on Romans Rob Ventura mines these truths and offers quick, accessible, expository nuggets for preachers and teachers. With a thoroughly Reformed view, Ventura has

Illuminated scripture journal Ephesians

ESV Illuminated Scripture Journals pair the entirety of individual books of the New Testament with a lightly dotted blank page opposite each page of Bible text, providing space to creatively engage with and reflect on the Word of God. Hand-lettered,

Illuminated scripture journal Romans

Take extended notes alongside passages of Scripture, with lined blank pages interspersed throughout complete books of the Bible. "An excellent set for notes, thoughts, prayers, and even just reading." --Randy A. Brown, Bible Buying Guide ESV Sc

Influencers PB

Influencers are people who bring radical change from within. They're 'in the world' but not of this world. They're people of God's kingdom bringing His good news to everyone. This book will help you to be better prepared to be a Christian in your....

Jesus in the beginning

. So, the Beginning is a good place to start! In fact, the first sentence of the Bible contains a message for Jesus about an ‘appointed Son’. It hints at the Trinity and it introduces the Word, Who is and was with God, as a sacrifice nailed to a cros

Jesus in the Fathers

On the road to Emmaus, Jesus revealed Himself in all the Scriptures . . . . . . In fact He started with the Books of Moses, so we know Jesus must appear somewhere in the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his sons. However, we may not realise quite

Jesus in the great escape

On the road to Emmaus, Jesus revealed Himself in all the scriptures... We are told that Jesus started with Moses, and Moses' story starts with the Great Escape. Like the Gospels, Exodus tells a myth-story through the events of remarkable but real his

Jesus in the Old Testament

. . . From Genesis 1:1 to Malachi 4:6, every chapter is a testimony to the Life that infuses and focuses the text. Jesus is there in all of it! This book, the first of the series, introduces the varied ways in which the Old Testament reveals Jesus, o

Jesus in worship and wonder

On the road to Emmaus, Jesus revealed Himself in all the Scriptures . . . . . . and Psalms is their big heart, the soundtrack to their history and forthtelling. A hundred and fifty songs that worked their way into the psyche and personality of God’s

John Part 1 1-10 for everyone

Writing in an accessible and anecdotal style, Tom Wright opens up to us the wisdom of the letters of James, Peter, John and Judah (Jude). A vital resource for every church and every Christian, these letters are full of clear practical advice for ....