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Pens sticker book - Gods wonderful world

Following on from the success of the first two Pens Sticker Books: God’s world is amazing! Encourage young children to consider the wonder of creation with their Pens friends.

Pens sticker book - Let your light shine

Following on from the success of the first two Pens Sticker Books: Jesus is the light of the world, and He can shine through us! With the Pens friends, help young children explore the idea of living for Jesus.

Stand Strong - Boys' Devotional

Few people understood how tough life can be better than the guys in the Old Testament. They stood up to tyrants, faced up to famine, trekked across deserts, climbed mountains and fought armies. And they did it all with God. Join lion-taming Daniel...

Staying in the boat

Jeff’s back with a collection of some of his most profound wisdom to date. From over 40 years of Christian ministry experience to choose from, Jeff considers some of the lessons he has learned (and is still learning) along the way – particularly, som

Topz Danny and the runaway

The fifth in the popular new series, Topz Secret Stories, Danny and the Runaway features the Topz gang once again up close and personal in their dealings with their rivals the Dixons. There's lots of change in Holly Hill for members of the Topz and..

Topz John's Jam packed jottings

Sick of getting teased for being a Christian, John decides that he can be good on his own, without help form anyone and leaves the Topz Gang. But the more he isolates himeslf and leaves God out of his life, the worse things get. John starts to think.

Topz Sarah and Josie's Heroes of the Bib

With the help of the rest of the Topz Gang, Sarah and Josie have put together their very own Topz 10 list of Bible heroes! Each hero teaches them something about life - from friendship and loyalty to bravery and standing up for others.

Topz secret diaries just for girls

Make new discoveries about God and your life as a follower of Jesus Ever dreamt of writing your own mag? Giving your friends a makeover? Designing your own dream bedroom? And how well do you really know yourself and God? Find all this (and much more)