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GNB Catholic edition

This Catholic Good News version is excellent for personal or group study for a range of ages. Using an authoritative translation, it includes the Deuterocanonical Books in Septuagint order as well as line drawings.

GNB Compact printed cloth

This Bible is beautifully designed with a hand drawn pattern and perfect for carrying around or for personal study. Extra features have been written especially for those who are new to Bible reading.

GNB Compact soft touch orange

This beautiful Bible is perfect for carrying around to church or for personal study, and feels exquisite! Extra features have been written especially for those who are new to Bible reading.

GNB Genesis - Dyslexia friendly

Genesis, the very first book of the Bible, introduces the story of God’s relationship with his people. Love and hatred, jealousy and forgiveness are all here in this biblical book of beginnings.

GNB Revelation - Dyslexia - friendly

Revelation, the very last book of the Bible, presents a series of strange and puzzling visions. The narrative takes us through fire and judgement to a time when all suffering is past and humans live at peace with God in a recreated world.

GNB Sunrise

The Good News Version Sunrise edition is a perfect bible for both adults and younger readers to take to church or read at home. Combining a trustworthy translation with a clear, readable style.

GNB Youth Bible

Bible Society and Youth for Christ have teamed up to create a truly unique Bible. Young people helped us put this Bible together. We listened to their ideas and heard what really matters to them...

Inside Out: Connecting Word to Life

Introducing Inside Out: Connecting word to life, a new youth resource created in partnership with The Salvation Army. Inspired by The Salvation Army’s survey, ‘Listen Up’, for youth and those who work with them, this exciting new guide to the Bible..