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Does God Heal Today?

Does God Heal Today? in the Questions of Life series by Nicky Gumbel answers questions like: Does God heal today? What about modern medicine?

Questions of life

Exploring the Christian faith? From 'Why am I here?' to 'What's next?' In this international best seller, Alpha pioneer Nicky Gumbel addresses some of the foundational questions that challenge us all.

Questions of Life: The Holy Spirit

Questions of Life: The Holy Spirit by Nicky Gumbel is part of the Alpha course. It answers questions like, Who is the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit do? How can I be filled with the Spirit?

Why Christmas? Expanded Edition

The Christmas Edition of Why Jesus? What’s so important about Christmas? Why are people still celebrating the birth of a baby born 2,000 years ago? An evangelistic booklet for those having their first questions about the Christian faith. It is a co

Why Does God Allow Suffering

Why Does God Allow Suffering by Nicky Gumbel answers questions like 'Why is there suffering in the world when God is a God of love? How can God allow His people to suffer?

Why Jesus? Expanded Edition

Why Jesus? Expanded Edition by Nicky Gumbel is the go to booklet to give to people interested in knowing more about Jesus. It is a readable study of the questions people often have about concerning who Jesus is.